Nicola Salter
                                                              with the Aroma 1 Apothecary, for conscious living.

 Nicola Salter is an Intuitive Counselor,   Energy Medicine Practitioner and Reiki Master Instructor guiding you to a purposeful and successful life, blending mind, body and soul. This website gives you access to her teachings and formulations.  For more information regarding her intuitive counseling services please visit:

Frequently referred to as the 'spiritual gardener' Nicola combines an integrative approach for your wellness often using plant based medicine remedies to support your physical and emotional-well being during your transformation. She has been formulating remedies for over 19 years and you can now benefit from a customized aromatherapy formulation from this website.

Nicola is an Educator, Speaker, Author and Life Strategist with a previous background in marketing and public relations. Her purpose is to help people grow and bloom and along the way empower them to trust their own intuition, inner guidance and understand the powerful connection between their mind and body.

Nicola has worked in LA and England for over 17 years with many actors, therapists, healing arts professionals, nurses, the medical profession, teenagers and  for anyone wishing to clearly define who they are, what they want and how to achieve it in its truest form and manifest a new reality in their life.

She brings empathy, integrity and creativity to her work in a dynamic, grounded and structured way from her heart.  Some of the areas she can help you with include:
Stress and anxiety
Facing the unknown
Life and career transitions
Breaking unhealthy patterns
The unpredictability of life
Discovering your purpose and direction
Confidence and finding your voice
Learning to set boundaries

Calabasas and Woodland Hills, Los Angeles.

Tel: 213 324 6342